A Welcome Letter

I do not get to use the word “first” a lot. Many things are new for me, but they are not the first time they are occurring. However, it brings me great satisfaction to write the opening letter for the first issue of Eventorum, Pacific Union College’s new current events journal.

This project was an aspiration of mine while I was attending PUC, but timing never allowed me to make it a reality. Luckily, while on a PUC History Study Tour of Italy and Greece, after already graduating, I discussed the idea with Dr. Munson who said he would be willing to sponsor and organize such an endeavor and suggested I jot down the basics of the idea. A six-page, hand-written proposal, complete with flow charts turned in the next morning over a Greek breakfast sealed the deal. Thanks to fantastic student writers and designers, support from the administration, and professors like Munson and Mariano, the journal has finally left the conceptual stage and entered into PUC’s vibrant academic environment.

The purpose of this new medium is to let students explore and discuss topics that interest them and analyze current events through the lens of a PUC student. While I was at PUC I always felt my conversational real-estate was limited to the length of any given class period. What I craved was an outlet to see what my fellow students thought about what was happening in the world around us. This journal is that place, crafted to further our intellectual knowledge and curiosity. This journal also provides an opportunity for students to grow in their writing, thinking, and research abilities, which will only aid their classroom performance.

While this journal is still in its infancy, its potential is vast. I am confident in the incredible team that has brought it this far. The members of this team, and those who will replace them as they graduate, have the ability to form this journal into a sustainable operation and a staple of academic life at Pacific Union College.

Good luck and take care,

David O’Hair

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