To All the Girls That Dare to Dream

By Redi Degefa In late 2018 Ethiopia appointed its first female president. This is considered to be Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s curtail step toward gender parity and terminating the patriarchy that dominates the country’s social and political life.[1] President Sahle-Work Zewde is a skillful diplomat who has worked as a special representative to the […]

Kavanaugh’s Nomination Will Likely be Approved: Here’s Why

By Bethany Erb Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s recent nomination to the Supreme Court has not been without controversy. After President Donald Trump nominated the federal appeals court judge in Washington, on July 9, 2018, Democratic opposition to Trump’s decision has steadily increased in fervor and vehemency.[1] The vocal opposition by Democratic senators in Kavanaugh’s Senate […]

Controversy over the Islamic Veil in Europe

By Rediet Degefa In early April of 2018, Austria’s conservative government proposed a bill that will prohibit Muslim girls under the age of 10 from wearing headscarves (hijab) in schools. The bill is called “The Child Protection Law” and the goal is to protect the Austrian mainstream culture from the influences of the Islamic culture. […]

A Black Hole in the Middle East

By Howard Munson IV Just a few months ago it seemed that an end to the Syrian Civil War was in view. The Syrian government, with Russian air support and Iranian-financed Shia militia fighters from Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan had been making steady gains against the remaining pockets of rebel-held territory in the country. […]

Catalonian Independence and Europe’s Future

By Michael Cebert The events that unfolded throughout the autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia during the October 1 independence referendum were shocking and polarizing. Spanish riot police of the Guardia Civil, under the mission codenamed Operation Anubis, stormed polling stations in Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona and other Catalan locales in order to prevent the “illegal” independence […]