Pivot to China: Refugee Policy Strains U.S.-Australia Ties

by Gabrielle Dennis The aftermath of President Trump’s first act of diplomacy with Australia has raised concerns of weakening U.S influence in the Asia-Pacific region. Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull discussed foreign policy during a call on Saturday, January 28, that allegedly ended in the Trump unceremoniously hanging up on the foreign leader.[1] The […]

2016 Election Edition

by Mark Cebert The Republican Party may have a Donald Trump problem. His proposed policies have resonated with many Americans frustrated with Washington politics. His nationalist and populist rhetoric have reverberated with citizens wary of the threat of ISIS. Donald Trump is connecting with traditional conservative voters, and is bringing what was once fringe conservatism […]

Peacekeepers on Trial

by Brytnni Toddy The Central African Republic (CAR) holds some of the largest deposits of precious resources in the world, but its people are some of the poorest and are the victims of violent, internal conflict. Now there is fear that these same people are facing abuse by those that the international community has sent […]

The Cold War II

by Colin Pummel From 1945 to the late 1980s, the United States and the Soviet Union were locked in a global conflict that became the Cold War. This period saw huge advancements in technology, and was in part responsible for the massive cultural change that occurred in response to such innovations as the Internet, as […]

Controversy Continues Regarding Australia’s Treatment of Asylum Seekers

by Gabrielle Dennis Continuing discussion about Syrian refugees has highlighted international concerns about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. Australia joined the United States, Canada and many other nations in September 2015, by offering to take refugees displaced by the Syrian Civil War. Prime Minister at the time, Tony Abbott, pledged to take 12,000 refugees affected […]